Macrame Guitar Handbag Strap
Jen & Co Bohemian Guitar Strap for Handbag
Jen & Co Penny Handbag
Jen & Co Aris Handbag
August Two Tone Natural Tote
Invisibelt - All Belt No Bulk
Intermix Crossbody Bag
Skylar Genuine Leather and Cowhide Tote/Shoulder Bag
Jamie Convertible Tote/Shoulder Bag
Sammie Mini Snap Wallet with Card Holder and Ring
Cameron Crossbody
Jen & Co Saige Slim Card Holder Wallet
Wire Wrapped Vintage Pony Tail Hairclip
Jen & Co Sia Wallet
Handmade Gold Plated Cable Chain Belt or Necklace with Vintage Elements
Vintage Lazy Cheetah Phone Case
Sylvie Gabrielli Vintage High Priestess Phone Case
Sylvie Gabrielli Siren Chain Belt
Chain Belt
Four Strand Gold Chain Belt Accessory
Vintage Pendant Belt Chain
Wallet Crossbody
Leather Card Holder with zip pocket
Large Vintage French Curved Acrylic Hair Comb
Large Vintage French Mosaic Wave Acrylic Hair Comb
Waterfall Inspired Vintage Italian Hair Barrette
Vintage Thin Velvet Ribbon Bow Hair Barrette
Vintage "V" Hair Barrette on Tige Boule
Vintage White Oval Hair Barrette with Tige Boule
Vintage Velvet Bow Hair Barrette
Vintage Wire Inlaid Hair Comb
Vintage Stylish Hair Comb with Crystals
Vintage Cloud Shaped Hair Barrette
Vintage Tortoise Shell Bow Tie Hair Clip
Vintage Italian Art Deco Wire Wrapped Hair Barrette
Vintage Italian Fancy Butterfly Hair Barrette
Vintage Italian Candy Bow Bobby Pins (Set of Two)
Vintage Italian Wire Wrapped Bow Shaped Hair Pin
Vintage Italian Bow Shaped Hair Barrette with Automatic Clasp
Vintage French Transparent Crystals Hair Barrettes (Set of 2)
Vintage Italian Wire Wrapped Bow Hair Barrette
Vintage Italian Rhombus Shaped Flower Basket Hair Barrette
Vintage Italian Glossy Bow Hair Barrette
Vintage Italian Mini Holes Bow Hair Barrette
Vintage Nostalgic Hair Barrette on Tige Boule
Vintage Italian Bow Shaped Hair Barrette
Vintage Italian Striped Diamond Wire Wrapped Hair Pins

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