French Vintage Classic Banana Clip Ponytail Holder Hair Barrette
Vintage Enamel Leaf Bobby Pins (Set of Two)
Vintage French Francois Huchard Tortoise Wave Hair Pins
Vintage Princess French Hair Comb
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Crystal Flower Hair Barrette
Retro Buch + Deichmann Soft Nail Brush Manicure Tool
Vintage French Transparent Crystals Hair Barrettes (Set of 2)
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Alligator Hair Clip
Retro Buch + Deichmann Two Flower Hair Barrette
Vintage Italian Big White Bangle - Single Bracelet
Vintage French Wave Style Hair Comb with Hand Painted Gold Trim
Vintage French Tortoise Shell Enclosed Leaf Hair Barrette
Vintage French Transparent Crystals Hair Barrettes
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Thin Bangle Bracelet
Buch and Deichmann Vintage Hair Barrettes (Set of 2)
Nostalgic Vintage Thin Hair Headband
Retro Buch and Deichmann Knotted Hair Barrette
Retro Buch and Deichmann Lotus Pin Brooch
Buch and Deichmann Vintage Clip On Hoop Earrings
Retro Buch and Deichmann Wave Hair Combs
Vintage French Tortoise Shell Hair Comb
Vintage French Tortoise Shell Curved Hair Comb
French Vintage Single Crystal Shooting Star Hair Barrettes
French Vintage Black Onyx Hair Barrettes (Sets of 2 & 4)
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Retro Long Skinny Cigarette Holder
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Iris Hair Headband
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Crystal Flower Hair Barrette
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Simple Square Hair Comb
Buch and Deichmann Vintage Seagull Brooch Pin
Vintage French Star Gold Infinity Hair Barrettes
French Vintage Gold Stamped Tortoise Shell Hair Comb
French Vintage Wire Wrapped Banana Clip Ponytail Holder Barrette
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Compact Cosmetic Makeup Travel Bag
Retro Buch + Deichmann Dolphin Pin Brooch
Women's French Vintage Heart-Shaped Sunglasses
Vintage Thin Velvet Ribbon Bow Hair Barrette
Vintage French Art Deco Swarovski Crystals Hair Pins (Set of 2)
Retro Buch And Deichmann Classic Bangle Bracelets
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Ultra Thin Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Lead
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Small Infinity Keychain
Vintage Buch and Deichman Colorful Barrette
Vintage Colorful Buch and Deichmann Belt
Buch + Deichmann Frosted Flower Earrings with Leaves
Buch + Deichmann Clip On Filigree Flow Earrings
Black Frame Aviator French Vintage Sunglasses
Vintage Wire Inlaid Hair Comb
Vintage French Tortoise Shell Louvered Hair Barrette

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