Vintage Accessories, Upcycling Vintage, Anti-waste, Crafted in the states.

Our renewed, repurposed and sustainable Vintage Collections are comprised of authentic vintage components and elements sourced from around the world. We create jewelry and accessories that have and continue to stand the test of time. Our creations contain fresh water pearls and real stones, all innovatively intertwined with authentic vintage beads and components. These necklaces, bracelets and earrings are not only sustainable, they are fashionable in an elevated sense, with hints of the past and future in every design.

Note that slight color differences and traces of the artisanal process are all part of the art that is 'handmade'. The color of the gemstones and some other elements can be lighter or darker than in the photos as they are all natural and can have some shade variations. Vintage, no waste craftsmanship are fundamental in our designs as we bring a new perspective to our vintage elements and create a new vision.

Some items are available for Preorder and Special Order, please contact us if you feel that you would like an item in some other variation not shown.