Long Beaded Necklace with Large Crystal Pendant
Sylvie Gabrielli Handmade Freestyle Necklace
Star Child Eclectic Natural Stone and Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Freya Multi-Beaded Necklace with Baroque Pearl and Genuine Stones
Adara Pearl Beaded Necklace with Gold Accents

Fresh Water Pearls

Blue Beaded Necklace with Feather, Key and Tassel
Long Pink Beaded Necklace with Bullet Crystal Pendant
Multi Color Beaded Necklace
Women's Statement Necklace with Faceted Beads and Drop Feature with Ring and Crystal Pendant
Cross and Beaded Necklace
Gold Faceted Bronze Beaded Necklace with Cross
38" 10MM Genuine Stone Beaded Necklace
36" 8MM Genuine Stone Beaded Necklace
36 8MM Genuine Stone Beaded Necklace
Long Beaded Necklace with Clear Arrowhead Pendant
Beaded Necklace with Stunning Large Crystal Pendant
Women's Bead Necklace with Natural Stones, Faceted Glass Beads and Crystal Pendent
Double Necklace with Orange and Champagne Beads
Orange Bead Necklace with Tennessee Pendant
Small Beaded Necklace with CZ Pendant
Antique Gold and Crystal Necklace
Small Circle Pendant with Glass Beads
Circle Pendent Necklace with Assorted Beads
Tipsy Tassel Necklace
Large Grey Stone Pendant on Multi Colored Beaded Necklace
Long Beaded Necklace with Large Stone Pendant
Grey Beaded Necklace With Arrowhead
Ballon Dore' Necklace
Long Beaded Necklace for Women with Crystal Accents and Faceted Glass Beads
Long Natural Stone Necklace For Women with Cross Accents
Choker Necklace for Women with Small Reflective Beads and Cross Pendant
Women's Long Beaded Necklace with Small and Large Crystal Pendants

Looking for a beaded necklace that is unique and matches your style? Look no further than the Just For You collection! Our beaded necklaces are handcrafted and come in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you prefer a simple strand of beads or a more intricate design, we have something for everyone. Plus, our necklaces are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that they will last for years to come.

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