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POL Clothing Sequin Relaxed Fit Pants
Hem & Thread Corduroy Mini Skirt

Hem & Thread Corduroy Mini Skirt


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We all put our pants on one leg at a time, but what we wear can make a statement or become a neutral canvas to show off our favorite blouse and accessories. Maximum comfort jogger pants in prints and solid colors are easy to pair.  For working out or hard core lounging, we have leggings with a bit of compression. Wide leg pants are popular right now, easy to dress up or down, and generally provide a relaxed fit, crafted in great colors and fabrics.  Effortlessly make maximum impact with a pair of trendy overalls or a jumpsuit – both are stylish and fashion forward!  Let your feminine side shine with a new skirt, short with swing, long and elegant, or something in between.  Fun and flirty leopard prints that swish and swirl have a strong feminine feel. A-line silhouette skirts, tennis skirts and flare skirts bring a dressier feel and are available in a range of solid colors. Leather minis bring the drama. If you are into a longer skirt, maxi skirts and prairie skirts, we have some amazing choices!