Apollo Handmade Vibrant Vintage Bracelet
Vintage Italian Color Pop Bracelet
Vintage Italian Celebration Bracelet
Sterling Silver Cross Bracelet with Clasp
Vintage Italian Cuff Bracelets with Zigzag Closure
Vintage Italian Big White Bangle - Single Bracelet
Bold Chain Bracelet with Crystal Accents
Vintage Italian Bracelet with Large Clear Stones and Resin Stones
Garden Charm Bracelet
Vintage Bangle Bracelet in  Silver or Black
Vintage Bright Chunky Bangles
Pearl, Grey Agate and Gold Bracelet
Stone And Bead Bracelet With Angel
Crystal and Stone Bracelet
Beaded Orange and White Checkerboard Adjustable Bracelet
3 Row Metal Ball Bracelet
Zenzii Mixed Media Curb Chain Bracelet of Resin
Zenzii Wrap Stretch Bracelet
Murjani Multi Color Beaded Bracelet
Living in Color Bracelet with Genuine Stones
Amazonite and Multi Color Bead Bracelet
Rainbow Kisses Bracelet for Women with Freshwater Pearls
Women's Sun Flower Stone and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Orange Bliss Women's Stone and Pearl Bracelet
Small Multi Colored Stone Bracelet with CZ Accent
Beaded Bracelet with Oval Crystal Accent
Natural Stone Bracelet with Cross Accent
Multi Stone Bracelet with a Cross Accent
Champagne Beaded Bracelet for Women with Crystal Accent
Small Beaded Bracelet with Square Crystal Accent
Blue Magic Bracelet with Crystal
Genuine Stone, Pearl, and Blue Crystal Bracelet
Large Genuine Bead Bracelet
Amazonite and Pearl Bracelet with Crystal Accents
Silver Bracelet with Peace Sign and Large Blue Stone
Braided Adjustable Bracelet with Cross
Braided Leather and Silver Bracelet
Triple Strand Leather Bracelet with Silver Plate
Multi Strand Braided Leather Bracelet
Large Braided Leather Bracelet with Swirl Pendant
Two Strand Leather and Silver Bead Bracelet

Looking for a bracelet that will capture your unique style? Look no further than the Just For You women's boutique collection of women's bracelets! Our collection is carefully curated to include a variety of styles that cater to all tastes and preferences. Here's what you can expect from our collection:

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  • We've also sourced styles from other designers to ensure that our collection is diverse and eclectic.
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