Medium Vintage Buch + Deichman Colorful Barrette
Small Curved Vintage Buch + Deichmann Barrette (1)
Buch + Deichmann French Vintage Ponytail Clip
Vintage Buch and Deichman Colorful Barrette
Vintage Colorful Buch and Deichmann Belt
Buch and Deichmann Belt
Buch and Deichmann Elongated Fan Shape Dangle Earrings
Buch and Deichmann Bullet Shaped Earrings
Buch and Deichmann Vintage Clip On Hoop Earrings
Buch + Deichmann Frosted Flower Earrings with Leaves
Buch + Deichmann Vintage Airplane Brooch
Buch + Deichmann Vintage Caterpillar Brooch
Buch + Deichmann Vintage Choker Necklace
Buch + Deichmann Clip On Filigree Flow Earrings
Buch + Deichmann Vintage Geometric Dangle Earrings
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Geometric Square Clip On Earrings
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Square Clip On Earrings with Pearl
Buch + Deichmann Vintage Triangle Earring with Crystals
Buch + Deichmann Vintage Half Circle Clip On Earring
Buch + Deichmann Vintage Stud Earrings with Pearl on Shelf
Buch + Deichmann Stud Earrings with Crystal in the Center
Buch + Deichmann Flower Stud Earrings
Buch + Deichmann Vintage Necklace with Sundial Shell
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Sunglasses in Aviator Style
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Sunglasses "Miss Bee Dee" Style
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Curved Lotus Collection Bangle Bracelet
Rare Vintage Buch + Deichmann Thick Solid Bangle Bracelet
Retro Buch And Deichmann Classic Bangle Bracelets
Retro Ripple Buch and Deichmann Cuff Bracelet
Retro Ripple Buch and Deichmann Cuff Bracelet
Buch + Deichmann Spiral Bangle Bracelet
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Thin Bangle Bracelet
Retro Buch and Deichmann Decorative Bangle Bracelet
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Circle Leopard and Zebra Print Clip-On Earrings
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Compact Cosmetic Makeup Travel Bag
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Simple Square Hair Comb
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Retro Long Skinny Cigarette Holder
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Military Medal Pin Brooch
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Iris Hair Headband
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Licorice Hair Barrette
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Alligator Hair Clip
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Crystal Flower Hair Barrette
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Ultra Thin Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Lead
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Flower Hair Bobby Pin
Vintage Buch + Deichmann Small Infinity Keychain



Buch + Deichmann was a pioneer in creating unique and timeless designs that are still appreciated by vintage enthusiasts today. Just For You women's boutique limited supply of B+D Vintage treasures  includes a wide range of items that were popular among women in the 1970s. Apart from bracelets, and hair ornaments, the collection also features bath and body items such as combs, mirrors, and nail brushes that were essential to every woman's grooming routine.

In addition to these items, the collection also includes long cigarette holders, which were a must-have accessory for women at the time. These holders were not only stylish but also helped keep cigarette smoke away from the face. The collection also includes sunglasses, which were a staple for women who wanted to protect their eyes from the sun while looking fashionable.

Finally, the collection includes mechanical pencils that were popular among women who preferred to write with a more delicate and elegant instrument. With such a wide array of unique and vintage items, collectors and enthusiasts can't help but rejoice at the opportunity to own a piece of B+D history.