Vintage Buch and Deichmann Flower Hair Bobby Pin
Vintage Buch and Deichmann Double Crystal Triangular Hair Bobby Pin
Vintage Buch + Deichmann (Set of 2) Flower Hair Pins
Retro Buch and Deichmann Hair Sticks (Set of 2)
Rare Vintage Buch + Deichmann (Set of 2) Black Bow Hair Pins
Dragonfly Buch and Deichmann Vintage Hair Bobby Pin

Check out Just For You women's boutique vintage hair pins! They are not only a collector's dream but also a fashion statement. 

  • Our vintage Italian hair pins are made with exquisite craftsmanship and feature intricate designs that are both elegant and timeless.
  • The French vintage hair pins we offer are known for their delicate and feminine aesthetic. 
  • Bakelite hair pins are a must-have for any true vintage lover. 
  • If you're looking for something a little more modern, our Buch + Deichmann is sure to please!

No matter which era or style you prefer, our collection has something for everyone. Add a touch of vintage charm to your hair accessories collection today!