Vintage French 2pc V-Shape Crystal Studded Hair Combs

Vintage Italian Frilly Crystal Bow Hair Comb

Vintage French Crystal Firework Hair Barrette

Small Vintage French Tortoise Shell Bow with Gold Band

Vintage French Layered and Accented Rhombus Hair Comb

Vintage French Ribbed and Studded Bow Barrette

Vintage French Crystal Owl Hair Barrette

French Vintage Chevron Studded Hair Comb with Bronze Accents

Large Vintage French Gold and Pearl Floral Hair Barrette

Small French Vintage Triangular Crystal Studded Hair Comb

French Vintage Eccentric Bow with Large Crystal Studs

Vintage French Felix Huchard Rhinestone Heart Hair Comb

Large French Vintage Crystal Studded Arch Hair Comb

Vintage French Crystal Studded Hair Comb with Gold Accents

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